Hearts for Kindness cares for you,
please care for someone else.

With this one thought in mind, we hope to help others in the three following ways:


Through acts of kindness we want to bring people together within the community to help others. Some examples might include projects that can be done within our community that help others and promote more acts of kindness, such as letters to someone in the hospital, gifts to cancer patients, or items we might put together here to send to hospitals, inner city kids, or military bases. Or maybe you have a friend you want to help, but you know they won’t accept assistance from you, we can plan with you a way to surprise them with a gift that they can’t say no too! We are also planning projects organized and completed through a group of children in our communities, to teach them and the generations to come about giving to others.


Through one time monetary assistance up to $500. We want to help with those last minute emergency expenses that can throw off a household budget for months. One time financial assistance up to $500 would be paid to a vendor or service provider. Proof of financial need and/or third party request required. Once a request is granted that beneficiary will not be eligible more than once every two years and no more than three times. No gift cards or cash will be given out.


Through special fundraising' efforts for a family or individuals with a greater need, such as special medical equipment or treatment that is not covered by insurance, funeral expenses, repair/remodeling costs for handicap accessible needs. These are efforts folks make on their own sometimes, we hope to provide them with the talents of our Board of Directors, the assistance of our list of volunteers and our fundraising tools to help them reach their goal. Once again we strongly believe that the funds are only paid to the vendor/product, no cash or checks will be paid to individuals and once the goal is met any additional funds raised will stay with in Hearts for Kindness to be used to help others at the discretion of the Board.

All request forms must be completed by someone other than the recipient to be approved by the discretion of the board and are subject to the availability of volunteers/funds.