Hearts for Kindness Heroes

Hearts for Kindness Hero #1

Meet Kelly, a hard working Mom with a very full life and gifted hands for sewing, She loves to quilt, but even more she loves to support children in her community. She makes quilts of all different sizes and designs and donates them to social workers to be given out to children that are being pulled from their home. Her hope is that when they wrap that blanket around them, they feel the love that is sewn into every one.


Hearts for Kindness Hero #2

Meet Justin, born and raised in New Hampshire. His love for everyone is very clear as he grows Legacy X his non-profit in Las Vegas, where he works to make everyone feel loved, to end bullying and encourage others to accept each other for who they are. Justin has never forgotten his roots and Legacy X continues to show great love and support here in NH today.


Hearts for Kindness Hero #3
Meet Tom, CEO, family man and tremendous community supporter! Above and Beyond on a regular basis he will go to support his community, through fundraising, walks, run and marathons, even a community soccer field on his own land. Now that is a Heart for Kindness! 

Hearts for Kindness Hero #4
Meet Tom Arnold, owner of Arnie’s Place. Tom supports the Concord community in many ways, from donating gift certificates to non-profits, supplying ice cream for school fundraisers, sponsoring local youth sports teams, and providing space and water for car wash fundraisers. Tom's generosity and Heart for Kindness make Concord a better place!
Brenda Perkinds poses with Hearts for Kindness Hero Tom Arnold 
Hearts for Kindness Hero #5
Meet Steve, motivational speaker and founder of BeachBum Philanthropy, an organization that partners with nonprofits, homeless shelters, and other "givers" to spread kindness. He is a staunch supporter of Liberty House, a veteran shelter and resource center in Manchester, NH. Thank you for your Heart for Kindness, Steve!
Brenda Perks presents Steve Gamlin with his Hearts for Kindness Hero Award