Hearts for Kindness Stories and Heros

Story #1

For six years I have enjoyed bringing Christmas to the two emergency winter shelters in Concord and for the last three years I have been blessed with help from friends to make the bags even better. Here are a handful of photos from past years. We are excited at Hearts for Kindness to take this on as one of our Acts of Kindness in the community.

Testimonial for story #1

What a wonderful idea, not surprised that it is the brainchild of Brenda Perkins since we have been fortunate to have been recipients of her generosity for the last five years. Brenda and her mother started donating gift bags for our guests at the Cold Weather Shelter and when the numbers needed continued to grow they reached out to friends to make sure they had the funds to provide everyone with a bag to open. We look forward to working with her in the future through this new website. Kudos for making this happen to help those less fortunate.... Terry Blake

Story #2

It is a beautiful thing when a community can come together to support each other. Through a referral we heard about a three generational family of eight, four of them young children and they were having trouble getting ahead. They work hard every day yet are commuting around to their jobs with one vehicle, while the matriarch of the family is battling cancer. Our hearts went out to them and with the help of a few of our hearts for kindness supporters, we are able to gather coats, boats, hats, gloves, and warm clothes.

Story #3

We truly enjoy being involved in the community and sharing our acts of kindness in many ways, sometimes we are helping individuals to brighten their day, sometimes we are reminding others how simple an act of kindness can be so they will go out and share them with others. We also like to perform acts of kindness for other non-profit organizations, by supporting events and sharing their needs with our supporters.


Story #4

Coming together as a community also means showing support and appreciation for each other, Here’s a couple of things we have done to show our appreciation!


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